You may not be aware of it, but a very powerful force is at work in your life right now. It’s called the Law of Attraction & it’s attracting people, jobs, situations & relationships into your life – not all good!

Discover How You Can Apply Law of Attraction to Your Personal & Business Life To Achieve Whatever You Dream Possible.

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What is Idea to Reality?

Idea To Reality is your path to the life you’ve always wanted, and the life you really deserve. The life you want. The life you’re going to have, if you heed the life-changing advice given to you through Idea To Reality.

Presented by Maria Kritikos, Founder of the LWL Network, there is an exact 3 stage formula that will be shared with you through the Idea To Reality course. It’ll help you get yourself into the place that you really want to be.

  • That ideal job?
  • That dream car?
  • That perfect house?
  • The man/woman of your dreams?
  • The career of a lifetime?
  • The business you’ve been dying to translate from dream to reality?

These are just some of the things that our amazing course, Idea to Reality, will help you to unlock for yourself. And you’ll not be in a position to just enjoy these things; you’ll be able to actively attract them to you. That’s right, you’ll be able to take the control of your life you so deeply deserve, and will start to harness the power to shape your own destiny.

By using these 3 stages I’m going to share with you in the Idea to Reality course, I managed to create the Ladies Who Lunch Network into what it is today, from a basis of absolutely nothing. So I know it works, and I want to share with you the benefits too.

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  • Single and Looking? Get clear about who you are looking for and Attract them!
  • Looking for Work? Attract your ideal business/career!
  • Business Owner? Attract your ideal clients!
  • STOP attracting negative things/situations into your life!
  • Attract more money, more clients, better relationships, great health - whatever it is you want!
  • Create and ATTRACT ANYTHING you want in your life! The dream house, the perfect partner, a 6-figure income...The sky is the limit!
  • Learn how to stop attracting negative things/people/situations into your life and to start attracting what you DO want!
  • Learn how to re-set your VIBE with this one simple phrase to get the results you want!
  • Learn the 3 words to stop using in your vocabulary if you want to stop attracting negative things TODAY!

I’ve been meaning to write you since Saturday to thank you for everything but today I want to write you because I need you to know how important your presentation was. I have been battling issues with my daughter and it came to a head on Monday. She was at her lowest point I’ve ever seen her and I was terrified for her. I gave her the tools for dealing with her energy… what I learned from you. Today I am looking into the eyes of my girl that I literally haven’t seen for a year. It’s like a weight has been lifted and she “gets it”. Your work is powerful Maria. And in this case I’m sure saved a life. xo

Kim Mallory
Kim Mallory Photographer, Business Mentor & Self Esteem Coach

Hello Maria!

Hope your doing well and having a fabulous day!

I found your Idea To Reality Course on YouTube. I watched your video a couple of times before signing up.

As a military wife, for the past 6 years, I was feeling frustrated and a little fearful of being incapable of finding a good job and one that would make me happy. And, I had a fear of success because I had a fear of loosing my freedom to success. So... I stopped looking for a job. Crazy....I know!

What I love about your ITR Course is how to re-program my thoughts to attract only positive things in my life and how to live fearless know matter what comes my way. There are so many examples you used that I don't have one favorite. I love everything you taught me. You're truly inspiring and I'm grateful to you!

I would highly recommend ITR Course to my girlfriends. I would tell them that I signed up for this awesome training course
"Idea To Reality" by Maria Kritikos. Maria taught me how to get clear on what I really do want. How the law of attraction works in our everyday life. ITR Course is life changing and simple to understand. So... don't miss out, sign up!

Monique Zuege
Monique Zuege

What does Idea To Reality consist of?

Idea to Reality is a 4-part online training course to help you create the life of your dreams.  I will be teaching you the 3 step formula that you can use in any situation in your life whether personal or business that will turn you into a magnet attracting easily and effortlessly whatever it is you desire.

◦ The class runs for 4 sessions and because it's recorded you can go back anytime and watch it over and over again.

◦ In this course I will show you how I manifested this network, money, new job opportunities, joint ventures, trips, and a feeling of I can't wait to get out of bed in the morning….

◦ So for those of you that want to learn the 3 STEP FORMULA in detail so you can start attracting things, people and situations DELIBERATELY join me online from the comfort of your own home.  I want you to come to the online training with whatever it is that you want to attract whether it be more money, an ideal boyfriend, an interview, turning that business Idea into Reality - whatever it is you want to attract and I will show you how - and the best part is that this is a FORMULA that you can use over and over and over again in every situation & scenario whether big or small!

◦ This is an early pilot version of Idea To Reality and spaces are limited so please be sure to  join us as I'm not sure how long I'll be offering it at this special price.

◦ I want this to be super accessible for you and so I'm offering this course for only $297!

Bonus #1!  You will receive  a 10 page workbook to create the life you want!

◦ Bonus #2! We'll have a private G+ community where we can interact and share our successes! Plus, you have immediate access to Maria and can ask her any question that you want!

What are the Benefits of Joining
Idea To Reality?

  • You will learn how the law of attraction works and how it responds to everything we say and feel by giving us more of the same
  • You will learn how to clearly identify your desire so you can gain clarity
  • You will have the power to re-set your vibe with this one simple phrase
  • You will learn how to attract more of what you want and less of what you don't
  • You will learn the 3 step formula for deliberate attraction
  • You will learn why you are attracting negative things & how you can start attracting what you desire
  • You will learn how to re-set a negative result to a positive result
  • You will be able to attract your desired outcome in any situation
  • Your mindset will be ready for attracting success
  • You will learn how to use the Law of Attraction to turn your ideas into reality
  • You will learn how changing your words can literally change your life
  • You will be inspired to take action towards your dreams and goals
  • You will learn the secret to becoming more abundant
  • You will learn how to deliberately attract something using the techniques I teach you
  • You will learn how to clean up any negative vibes that you might not even know you had
  • You will learn how to reduce and eliminate negative self chatter
  • You will learn how using the law of attraction can give you a fearless & fabulous life


Don't miss this opportunity to change your life!


  • q-iconWill this really work?

    I would never teach anything that I haven’t tried myself, and I can tell you from personal experience that I apply the techniques that i’m going to show you in my everyday day on a consistent basis, and it has helped me get to where I am today and manifest everything that I currently have, including the creation and growth of the Ladies Who Lunch Network!

  • q-iconWhy are you the right person to teach me about the LOA?

    Besides being a certified Law of Attraction facilitator I hold a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia and have taught thousands of students in the past. I am a natural teacher, which means it’s what I love to do best, and imparting what i’ve learned with the Law of Attraction to others is a joy for me. I changed my life from being in a desperate situation where I had no money, no place to live & really no hope to succeed at least in my mind until I discovered and started applying the techniques that I’m going to reveal to you in this course! The Law of Attraction changed my life….let me show you how it will change yours too. Take a chance, I promise you won’t regret it.

  • q-iconWhat technical requirements do I need?

    All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can participate in the training from anywhere in the world!

  • q-iconWill there be a recording of the training sessions?

    Yes! All classes are recorded so if you miss one or can’t make it, don’t worry…you will be able to watch it over and over again in our Idea To Reality community.

  • q-iconHow long do I have access to the training?

    You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to Idea To Reality, so if there are any upgrades or additions to the course you will receive them and you will be a part of our ever growing online BONUS community so that you can interact with other members of the Idea To Reality community!

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What's the bottom line?

If you’re interested in harnessing the power to stop attracting negativity in your life, and to start attracting positivity, then this course is for you!

Here are just some of things you’ll be able to achieve through the power of the Idea To Reality course:

  • Dream home
  • Dream job
  • Dream car
  • Dream partner
  • Dream business

These are just some of things you’ll be able to achieve through the power of the Idea To Reality course.

You’ll also learn how to properly deal with stresses and strains in your day to day life, to make sure that you’re never again sent into a flap by one of life’s little problems.

Ultimately, Idea To Reality is for you, if you’re looking to stop doubting yourself and start living the life you really deserve. The 3 steps we have to share with you are proven to work, and there’s no reason they can’t start working for you.

You deserve your dream job, car, house, partner, vacation, and life.

Stop just hoping it’ll happen...
Make it happen!

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 9.46$147

Andrea Brown

Hi Maria,

I've been thinking of becoming a member of The Ladies Who Lunch Network for a little while now, Kristal Barrett-Stuart told me wonderful things about it. I'm in the beginning stages of follow my passion and becoming a Life Coach and launching my own business; as I am a big believer in the law of attraction, your Idea To Reality course seems like a great tool to help me get to the next step further.

Also, congratulations on the success of Shop4Hope, it was a really fun night and I look forward to next year's event!

Thank you and I am excited to learn from you. 🙂

Andrea Brown

Thank you Maria! Thank you, for those four words you said... "Do What You Love!" changed the direction of my business! It was a HUGE AHA moment for me.

I had been struggling for three weeks with what the next step was and when you said that I realized what I needed to do and it paid off! Just had my BEST month of the year!!

And of course it's always a pleasure to speak with you!

Sheila J Davis
Sheila J Davis LeapFrogVA Network

In just under 30 minutes, my conversation with Maria was both empowering and inspirational. I am a recent tech-savvy grad and from Simon Fraser University highly effective in communications and social media. With my practical skills and experiences, Maria has inspired me to take these to the next level and identify my niche in the marketplace. I feel empowered to aim larger than life and go forth with my entrepreneurial spirit. Are you feeling the same - stuck and not sure how to begin? Maria has invaluable advice that will help you move forward!

Krystele Chavez
Krystele Chavez Bachelor of Arts in Communications & Media Studies (SFU)

Here's what you get when you invest in this online course today:

1. Immediate LIFETIME access to any updates in the course IDEA TO REALITY

2. 4 IDEA TO REALITY using the Law of Attraction VIDEO modules that will transform your mindset and set you up for success.

3. 3 BONUS interviews where I share my tips and strategies for turning any IDEA to REALITY

4. Access to the exclusive online IDEA TO REALITY Google Plus community: interact with other like-minded members and ask me whatever question you want!

5. Exclusive & Special VIP invite to the She's in Biz online community, a place to network, gain valuable resources to move your business forward & connect with other inspiring women helping and supporting each other to reach their goals!

6. 3 BONUS speeches from successful LWL entrepreneurs who share their secrets to turning their idea to reality - amazing and invaluable advice that you will carry with you forever!

  • You're tired of watching other people's success and wonder how they do it so easily.
  • You are ready to learn the easy 3 step formula to attract anything you've ever wanted.
  • You're ready to program your mind for success in exactly the same way I did!

So stop attracting things you don't want in your life and learn how to start attracting what you do want with Idea To Reality

" I look forward to seeing you on the inside and helping you turn your idea into reality!"

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The Register Now links below will take you to a payment processor. As soon as I've received your payment, I will send you a welcome email with your course access details. You can attend the training sessions from the comfort of your home computer.

Get This Product Now For Only $297 $147!

I look forward to personally guiding you to stop hoping things will happen and really making them happen, so that you can turn your dreams into a reality!

xoxo - Maria

I’m so proud of both of these inspiring, successful & beautiful women & all that they have accomplished so far!! @stylebykimxo @kristalbee Let’s build each other up & support each other’s successes. My main reason why I’m a part of the Ladies WHO Lunch Network @lunchwithmaria!!

Natalie Langston TV personality & member of LWL

Help someone you know live the life of their dreams!