Maria Kritikos - A Socialite With A Purpose...

It is my wish for you & every woman to realize their own power & not be suppressed by limiting beliefs. It is my desire for you to live a life of freedom & dreams beyond your expectations & everyone else's. You are whoever you believe yourself to be.

I want you to know that you have the power to create whatever life you dream possible. Don't get to the end & wish you had. Take a risk & live like you're dying, your life depends on it. Be bold, be brave. Be fearless, be fabulous. Join us today, can't wait to meet you.

xoxo ~ Maria!

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Only $97 Annually

I’m so proud of both of these inspiring, successful & beautiful women & all that they have accomplished so far!! @stylebykimxo @kristalbee Let’s build each other up & support each other’s successes. My main reason why I’m a part of the Ladies WHO Lunch Network @lunchwithmaria!!

Natalie Langston TV personality & member of LWL

Maria is an inspiring woman with a beautiful heart. She taught me to dream big and give back to the society; all the successful initiatives I´ve been part of have those values in mind. Thank you Maria for being part of my life and I´ll keep doing what I love which is to spread good ideas and connect people!

Laura  Vanessa Muñoz
Laura Vanessa Muñoz Founder of Profesionales en Medios

Hi Maria!

I’m really excited to be a part of LWL!

I’ve watched a few of your videos and I have to say both you and your message are truly beautiful. You should be extremely proud of yourself for building such an amazing and inspiring network for women like me to join. I know exactly what it’s like building a business from the ground up, (I’m there right now!), so to be able to see that you’ve made your dreams come true, and you’re helping other women make their dreams come true, is a strong motivator for me to keep going.

I see the LWL Network, getting bigger and stronger! You go girl!


It's wonderful that Maria created this event & brought all of us together in the same room.  After the event, I felt like i could do anything my way & how i like it! I learned from the event to always be yourself & never never give up!  This is the kind of event you want to attend!  It is so empowering!

Anastacia Shorohov
Anastacia Shorohov Fashion Designer Romielle

I joined the Ladies Who Lunch Network to be around inspirational women & grow as an individual with an opportunity to share that which I've learned along the way. I left the event feeling empowered, confident, excited about my next endeavour.

Cesar Jacobson
Cesar Jacobson Miss Canada

Look past some of the photos that suggest it's a shallow event - it's NOT at all! It's very heart centered & professional. You leave the event feeling pampered, supported & encouraged.

Kaare Long
Kaare Long Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs

Lunch With Maria is a great event & opportunity to meet Maria's network, share your work & get inspired by the incredible speakers & attendees.  It's a celebration of womanhood, inspiration & success.

Sandra Garcia
Sandra Garcia Sandra Garcia - PR

Only $97 Annually