A synergy of women coming together to achieve their goals in life and business through empowerment, accountability and collaboration

Maria's Inner Circle Mastermind

Why Mastermind?

It is important to surround yourself and mastermind with those who are high achievers, take responsibility for their ongoing learning, are serious about their results and strive to increase their yearly income.  Mastermind meetings have synergy through the group’s skills, experiences and perspectives to add to your own.  The group can help you to solve problems or see ways to take advantage of opportunities you would never have done if working alone.

When two or more people come together in a spirit of harmony,
goals are more achievable!

Top 4 BENEFITS of being in a mastermind:

  • Different Perspectives ( you can't see the label on the outside of the jar from the inside )
  • Mutual Support ( a team of cheerleaders in your corner! )
  • Resources (that you would have never known about)
  • Accountability ( keeps us moving forward! )

What we will work on in the mastermind:

  • One thing that is currently working really well in your business activities.
  • One thing you need help on, are struggling with, or want to brainstorm on.
  • One resource, such as a blog, podcast, service, product that you believe others in the group would appreciate knowing about.

8 women in different fields all working towards living their dream

Dates: June 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

Time: 9am to 11am PST

8 spots only


Pauline Stevenson, Founder of Excel Career College

Maria, your Mastermind class this weekend was very helpful and a real eye-opener to business owners. Whether one was just starting out in business, or has been in business for years already, there were valuable strategies and nuggets of wisdom for everyone to take home that afternoon. I am especially thankful for benchmarks that i can use moving forward and also the valuable connections formed. It was a pleasure meeting everyone last Saturday and i wish you all continuous growth and success towards the achievements of your goals! Kudos again to Maria for organizing the class, this class is highly recommended to fun, fearless, fabulous lady bosses who want to take their business to the next level! :)) Brrravo, Maria! :)) <3

Michelle Morelos
Michelle Morelos

Maria packed in so much information and showed me possibilities of how I can stretch my reach right now. Her heartfelt enthusiasm and generous spirit puts a smile on my face every time I think of our conversation. I can't wait to implement her fabulous ideas. And to our next conversation!

Linda Ugelow
Linda Ugelow Life Coach | Choreographer

After masterminding with Maria over the summer/fall I can say that I am proud to see a lot of my ideas materializing. Sometimes you need to see problems for what they are (just little speedbumps along the way), and call on your support systems to get that push over any biz-hump. I highly recommend grabbing a mastermind spot and absolutely the discovery session if you'd like to see what all the buzz is about.

Maria, thank you again for being such a strong support. I am heading towards the end of this year and I am well beyond what I thought my limits were. You helped me bust through darlin!!!

Laurie Ashley
Laurie Ashley Speaker/Trainer; Business Networking & Marketing; Events & Tradeshows

Mastermining with Maria is amazing! I started out meeting Maria because of a friend who recommended me to her as a virtual assistant. I wasn't taking new clients at the time as I was trying to get more into coaching, but I fell in love with her brand and we became friends very quickly and I decided to help her anyway.

Since then she has probably provided me with more value than I have her! She is an inspiration in more ways than one. She sincerely cares about the people she meets and has a way of finding out what you need and giving the BEST advice and instruction on getting there. When it comes to accountability and encouragement she's the BOMB!! Unlike clients I've had in the past, she encourage my dreams to be more successful in my business and quickly went from client to mentor and coach.

Thank You Maria!!!

Sheila J Davis
Sheila J Davis Branding Strategist & Online Business Coach